CQA Connect

What is CQA Connect - the online training portal?

CQA Connect is an extension of the Coles Quality Academy, for suppliers working in partnership with Coles to deliver the highest quality and safest products for Australians.

CQA Connect is an online portal designed exclusively for Coles Brand suppliers and team members. We have developed a number of learning modules to assist suppliers in addressing the most common issues in the supply chain.

Following feedback from Coles suppliers, we realise you have a committment to improving the skills and knowledge of your employees, however, you needed alternative learning options in addition to face-to-face classes. This research has resulted in CQA Connect, an online community portal featuring essential training online, streamlined communications with Coles, feedback and advice from industry experts and exclusive access to key resources.

Now with 8 new courses online and more to come, CQA Connect is the ideal platform for staff training and compliance with Coles requirements.

CQA Connect will assist your business in achieving best practice, whilst enhancing the skills of your team in the essential areas of food safety and quality required for now and into the future.

By joining the online community you will ensure that your business doesn’t miss out on the latest developments and you have access to the most up to date information.

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